R. Allan Gardner’s Memory

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How blessed I am to be a part of the Nielsen family. Oliver and Sandy asked Zilpha and I to sing at their wedding reception. I am grateful for that opportunity to share that wonderful moment with them. While I was employed at BYU Dairy I saw a newspaper ad for a police officer in Springville. Zilpha contacted Oliver and asked if he would be interested. Much to our joy he applied and was offered the job. The great joy of it was our children were the same age and loved growing up together. Special moments were had as families enjoyed time together.
Oliver was always doing something to serve us and everyone around him. So after we moved back to Arizona he was building the apartment in his basement. I saw an opportunity to return a favor and flew up to help him. I’m grateful for the times we had together. Love you Brother and will miss you. You are a great example to all who knew you. Farewell for now.

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