Uncle Oliver

We have a big family. Between children and grandchildren, uncles and cousins and second-cousins and the like, there are just a lot of us. And though Uncle Oliver was really my great-uncle, he was always Uncle Oliver to me. Though there are so many in the family, I never felt forgotten by him. He always seemed to keep track of who was doing what and care about the goings-on of life. He would ask about my life, and really took the time to listen and give advice. I love him for that. He was such a great example of love and kindness.

I will also never forget being in the MTC and having him search me out. He brought me in his office and asked me how I was doing. I lied and said I was doing great. In reality, I really struggled in the MTC and failed to find my own place. But having him there, knowing that he was watching out for me and rooting for me gave me great comfort and helped my push through. He also saved me a seat right up in the front row when Elder Oaks came to speak, which was a special little treat itself.

I love you, Uncle Oliver. I’ll miss you.

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